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About Macklin Media

Macklin Media is your one-stop-shop for all of your Live Sound, Video, Lighting, and Streaming needs.

We aid businesses and ministries in the setup and refinement of audio/visual equipment, provide training on the complete setup, educate on the use of social media, share the tools necessary to produce a quality experience, and more.

Our promise to you is excellence, high-quality performance, timeliness, and thorough service. We have helped countless organizations change the way they present themselves to the world, you're next!

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Aaron Macklin

Founder & CEO

Elder Aaron Macklin is a husband, father, and minister of the gospel. He is the CEO of Macklin Media and the Founder of the #ATWT (All Things Work Together) movement which is based on the scripture, Romans 8:28.


Macklin attended Texas Christian University (TCU) where he Majored in Communication Studies and earned a Minor in Religion. Throughout his college career, Macklin occupied himself with his love for sports as a division 1 athlete in track and field. While attending TCU, he got his first taste of entrepreneurship as a salesman for Cutco Knives. This experience taught him that success is determined by commitment and consistency. Upon graduating with a BS in Communication Studies, Macklin moved back to California to become a community Organizer for Pastor Mike McBride in Berkley, Oakland, East Palo Alto, and San Francisco. Macklin became a voice for change on behalf of those who felt unheard — low-income families, underdeveloped schools, and underserved communities. 


As a community organizer, leader and gospel minister, Macklin knew that there was another level of education he wanted to garner in order to better lead, advocate and exegete the word of God. In an effort to deepen his knowledge of the word of God, Macklin pursued his graduate degree at Beeson Divinity School. While attending Beeson, Macklin began preaching the word of God as a traveling minister nationwide. As he was called and sent to various ministries, he became involved in learning how other ministries operate and the impact they had in their local community. This helped him develop an appreciation for other denominations and reformations. 


In July 2014, during his time at Beeson, Macklin married his wife, Krystle Macklin, Author and creator of the Crayons and Callings blog. The two began growing their family just a few short years later. In 2015, Macklin and his family signed on to work with the worship and ministry team for a church plant in downtown Birmingham. The goal of the ministry was to become a cross-cultural, non-denominational church. Macklin spent a year attending faithfully and watched the ministry evolve. He was considered an important person in the ministry and was revered by the congregation and staff. He learned the importance of ministry planning and development, how to start a ministry and how impactful it could be across the board.


During a time in his life where purpose and passion were a major driving force, Macklin pursued the opportunity to work with the multi-billion dollar company, Guitar Center. The company sells musical instruments, equipment, and accessories to musicians, arenas and engineers. As he climbed the ladder of success within the organization, Macklin became the company’s face for the African American community and church at large. It was during this experience that he learned to listen to people and serve their needs, not just chase after their wallet, like many in sales are taught to do. He grew from salesman to lead and then manager. His store was the first to do rentals under his management. He was a part of the renters pilot that has now been in place for almost a decade.


After his successful run at Guitar Center, Macklin began serving churches and consulting on equipment and launched his first company, “ATM Drum Repair” The company started offering drum wrapping services and restoring old drum sets. ATM Drum Repair quickly became the go-to company for drummers who wanted custom gear and unique wrapping for their sets. The company endorsed a total of 45 drummers.


During a time of transition for an app called, Macklin got the attention of the key personnel who established the global platform. For a year and a half, Macklin grew one of two apps in the App Store that had a larger first round of funding then Facebook. remains the largest app for prayer with over 2.5 million active downloads. Macklin worked as a consultant and represented the brand as the face of the company to tell churches why they needed the app. Macklin made history as one of the first ten employees.


During the 2020 pandemic, the need to take church online was severe and Macklin was tasked with upgrading the system at his local church. The system required major upgrades and equipment transformations. What he was doing grabbed the attention of other Pastors who wanted to upgrade their systems as well. Macklin stepped in to meet the need and realized how impactful these services were for Pastors in the area. After realizing how great the need was, he decided to launch a full service company called Macklin Media and began consulting, setting up, and upgrading church sound systems with special attention to LIVE streaming equipment setup and training. The multimedia, video, and sound installation company now serves churches and businesses nationwide.

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